Claremore’s most famous citizens

June 24, 2013 no comments General Information

Situated in the north western part of Oklahoma State, the city of Claremore has produced its fair share of famous people over the decades. However while world renowned entertainer Will Rogers is revered as Oklahoma’s favorite son – having been born and raised in nearby Oologah – there are many other well known celebrities that have also originated from this area. A lot of these have been immortalized throughout the city itself, with major streets, roads, museums and monuments all dedicated to their memory and named in their honor.

garthCountry music is a major part of Oklahoma’s culture, so it is not surprising that Claremore has produced its fair share of artists specializing in this particular genre. One of the most well known is the legendary Garth Brooks who was born in Yukkon in February 1962 and has since become one of the best selling artists of his generation, having broken records for both sales and concert attendances since his first album was released in 1989. As of May 2013, he is still the biggest selling artist, when it comes to album sales alone, since 1991 and has continued to outsell his rivals by over 5million. He also has the second highest album sales ever, just behind Elvis Presley and in front of the Beatles which is a considerable achievement for a solo artist in any decade! While he retired from both recording and performing in 2001 for around eight years, he continued to sell millions of albums throughout this period thanks to an exclusive deal with Wal-Mart which also resulted in the release of several new single. There is another interesting local connection here too as its founder, Sam Walton, married a local girl who would go on to become a famous philanthropist who is still held in high esteem in the area since her death in 2007. Helen Robson Kemper Walton was born in December 1991 and thanks to her marriage went on to become the eleventh richest American and the richest woman in the world. When he died in 1992, he left his ownership in Wal-Mart to Helen and their four children, a fortune that was worth around $17.4 billion upon her death in 2007, but she invested a great deal of the money into local projects for the benefit of the community as well as the many charities that she was involved in.

Other famous citizens include the popular singer Patti Page, an American singer and one of the best-known female artists from the 1950’s, who was born into a large and poor Claremore family in 1927. NASA astronaut, Stuart Roosa, was a NASA astronaut and one of only twenty four people ever to have visited the moon, who is also widely associated with the area. Despite being born in Colorado in 1933, his family moved to Oklahoma when he was a small child and he was raised in Claremore, so the city has somewhat rightfully claimed him as one of its own. Several well known sports players also hail from the area including football player levy Adcock and baseball player Dave Radar.