Pet owners in Claremore OK

July 1, 2013 no comments General Information

Like more states in the USA, Oklahoma has some specific licensing laws for pet owners in the area and Claremore city is no different. Any citizen within the city limits who owns, or is thinking about adding a four legged friend to their household, needs to be aware of the basic requirements involved. For starters, each pet must be licensed and these are available at the local animal shelter on Ramm Road however all health and safety certificates in relation to vaccinations against disease etc vaccines must be provided as proof of immunization before the paperwork will be processed. The cost of this license varies depending on whether your pet has been neutered or spayed and if so, proof must be provided from your veterinarian as confirmation. If your cat or dog has been sterilized then the license fee is $5 and this is a one-off fee this will be valid throughout the life of your pet without the need for renewal.

petsA maximum number of five pets can be kept within a household although no more than three dogs included in that number but there are exceptions for those who may need to keep animals in larger numbers for commercial purposes such as vendors or breeders. In this instance, you will need to apply for the Commercial Animal Establishment permit and the application is subject to a $20 processing fee for the initial assessment process and if successful you will be allocated your annual permit for an additional fee of $50. Each individual applying for this permit will be subjected to a rigorous background check as Claremore has some very strict animal welfare policies so anyone who has been convicted of animal abuse or cruelty in the past ten years will be automatically refused. This process takes around thirty days to complete and there is also a separate license for those who work with specialized animals (for example hunters, dog handlers, mountain rescue etc) which costs $50 per year and can be renewed annually for a further $10.

If you are considering adding a pet to your household then the city refuge rescues hundred of, stray and abandoned, cats and dogs every year so why not adopt one from the local animal welfare shelter where all impounded animals are also held. The latter are held for 3 days and if they are not reclaimed during this period they are then made available for adoption. However all animals are give a thorough health check in advance and any aggressive, sick, injured or nuisance animals are excluded from adoption. One of the center’s efficient and helpful Animal Control Officers will be happy to assist you in choosing a pet whether you want a kitten or puppy or would prefer to give an older cat or dog a new home instead. Adoption fees include sterilization (especially for female pets) as well as a booster shot to immunize your new family member, a rabies vaccination and even a shot to de-worm it.