Claremore OK places of interest

July 1, 2013 no comments Things to do

There are a great deal of things to do if you are visiting Claremore Oklahoma for either business or pleasure from outdoor leisure pursuits like hiking or cycling in the surrounding areas while museums, shops and festivals galore, can be found in the city itself. The city has a bustling downtown area where you can visit antique shops or art museums followed by a few beers and a nice meal in one of its many bars and restaurants in the evening.

lakeFor those who enjoy being at one with nature, there are a multitude of hiking trails where one can walk, climb, cycle or skate within easy access of the city and there is also the scenic beauty and tranquility of nearby Claremore Lake. Here one can take a casual stroll around the lake areas or a more energetic hike in its surrounding hills as well as enjoying water sports, boating and fishing. However, due to the legacy of its early settlers, Claremore and the surrounding areas is steeped in history that is synonymous with several Native American tribes. One of the first families to settle in the region, after whom the county later got its name, was the Rogers family. Clement Vann Rogers, aside from becoming the father of the legendary entertainer Will Rogers, was a veteran of the civil war having fought on the side of the Confederates but this Cherokee elder was also held in high esteem because he served as a delegate on Oklahoma’s Constitutional Convention and was a judge from the early days of the Indian Territory settlement.

willOne of the main attractions in the state today are connected to the family and his famous son in particular including a museum dedicated entirely to the memory of Will Rogers. This is situated in Claremore on 1720 West Will Rogers Blvd and is open to the public Monday to Friday all year round from 8am to 5pm. His tomb is also situated on the twenty acre grounds and the museum itself contains a multitude of artifacts and memorabilia relating to his life and career, while his speeches and old movies can be experienced in a theatre that is also part of 19,052-square-foot Will Rogers Memorial. The land was purchased by Will himself in 1911 where he wanted to build a home to spend his retirement and it was this that was later bequeathed to his remaining family in 1935 who in turn donated it to the state three years later.

In our modern world, where anyone and everyone is or wants to be a celebrity, a visit to what could be deemed a shrine to one of the country’s earliest stars in a golden age is a refreshing and nostalgic trip back in time to a golden era that is now long gone. However, this indeed says a lot about the individual involved who remains Oklahoma’s favorite son, a true gentleman and wonderful representative of humankind in centuries past, who remains an inspirational role model for many still in the present day