Claremore Oklahoma attractions

July 2, 2013 no comments Things to do

The city of Claremore Oklahoma is rich in culture and history so if you have an interest in those areas then you will find plenty to keep you occupied when visiting the area including the J. M. Davis Arms and Historical Museum. If you have an interest in firearms and related items throughout the ages, then you will find over 20,000 items not just from the state or from across the USA but from all over the world.

gunsFrom Winchesters and Kentucky rifles, Gatling Guns and rare colts to cannons and outlaw guns, alongside more obscure weapons such as elephant or whaling guns, this museum depicts the story of affluent hotelier JM Davis who moved to the area in 1917 and purchased Claremore’s Mason Hotel in 1929, around twelve years later. A keen firearms collector, at that point he had around 100 different types of guns, which he began to display on the walls of the hotel. His interest in firearms began when he was seven years old and given his first gun and sparked an interest to learn as much as possible about different kinds of weapons which he remained passionate about until his death over seventy years later. Eight years prior to his passing, he set up the J.M. Davis Foundation, Inc, a trust which later entered an agreement with the state that gave Oklahoma ownership of the whole collection on the condition that it house, preserve and display them for the general public, without charging admission fees to do so. The museum is open to the public daily and is situated on 330 North J.M. Davis Boulevard however there is something here for all the family not just firearms fanatics including a wonderful selection of historical Native American artifacts, statues created by John Rogers, antiques and music boxes from the 19th century as well as a local cattle brands, hundreds of animal horns and trophy heads,. There are also objects of European origins including a large boot jack collection and original posters World War I posters.

will-rogers-museumThere are also many other buildings and museums of historical interest in Claremore including the Will Rogers Museum and the Maurice Meyers Museum, which is the part of the Oklahoma Military Academy within the grounds of Rogers State University. This particular facility derives from the Eastern University Preparatory School, which was founded in 1909 while Belvidere Mansion was built in 1907 by the Bayless and this is now another major historical attraction for visitors to the state. This three story Victorian Mansion is renowned not only for its distinctive exterior architecture but also for the exquisite workmanship in the interior décor with much of the trim and woodwork having been purchased from the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis. A traditional tea Room can be found on the first floor while the second floor contains three rooms which have been preserved to portray these living quarters as they were over a century ago. The third floor is used for special events as it is home to a spacious ballroom with scenic views across the city.