Claremore Oklahoma parks

July 1, 2013 no comments Things to do

Claremore, Oklahoma is in a fortunate position to be able to offers it’s residents the chance to commune with nature as it has several recreational parks in close proximity to the city center. One of the most popular is Claremore Lake Park which was developed in the late 1920’s when a dam was completed on an area that was previously farm land with large rocky surroundings and a creek running through it. lake-2The creek runs from the north and is the main water source for the lake which can be found off of East Blue Starr Drive, not far from the city’s Water Treatment Plant. It is a beautiful and very scenic area that is ideal for a perfect family day of rest and relaxation.

This is a favorite among local residents who enjoy fishing and boating activities however while these can only be conducted with a permit which can be obtained for daily or annual use at very reasonable prices just $2 for the day with annual permits costing just $10. These are available from the lake’s Ranger office where fees should be paid and copies of the Lake’s fishing and boating rules supplied also, which all fishermen and boaters must adhere to or their permit may be revoked. The lake has one additional feature which can also be used with related permit and this is a heated fishing dock that is completely enclosed and open seven days a week from 6 in the morning until 9.30pm at night. In keeping with its tranquil setting and the city’s strong environmental policies, no wading, swimming, water skiing, bathing, scuba or skin diving is allowed on the lake and it is also forbidden to use jet skis or water bikes too.

duckDuring duck hunting season, an annual Duck Blind Draw is held in the park however this is strictly with shot guns only from designated areas and with the appropriate stamps and permits. Specific requirements must be adhered to by all participants including the prohibition of gas motors used on any boats going to and from the blind, which must be removed from Claremore Lake within 60 days of the close of duck season. The park also offers a variety of trails for cyclists, hikers and joggers but these are also popular with dog walkers as pets are welcome in the park although animals must be restrained at all times. Visitors can choose the trail best suited to their requirements as the park offers a multi-use trail system providing pedestrian and bicycle-friendly connections two separate sections as well as links to other areas in a combination of sidewalks and designated bicycle routes on predominantly asphalt pathways that run for over a mile. Designs are also underway for an off-road bicycling and running trail that will cover a longer distance, around four miles.

There are two different playgrounds for children to use as well as numerous picnic and shelter areas which include restrooms, picnic tables and grills for public use and electrical outlets in the shelters which can be reserved at a daily rate of $25. These facilities are available on a first come first served and are for daytime use only as camping is not permitted at Claremore Lake Park. Additional projects are also underway to extend the trails and sidewalks that run down Seminole Street, up through the soccer complex providing connections to the Claremore Lake section which will improve links between the lake, community center, city schools and also to Legion Park. The latter is an American league park that was established in the mid fifties.