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July 1, 2013 no comments Things to do

For those who enjoy nothing better than spending their leisure time in the great outdoors, then Claremore Oklahoma is in an ideal location. Whether you are looking for a light walk or a difficult climb, the surrounding countryside in the region offers a vast undulating terrain for hikers to explore has a multitude of trails to suit all levels of experience. If you are staying in the city, then the Claremore Lake Trail is perhaps the closest and most accessible offering a short – 1.1 miles only – trail that runs along the western shore of Claremore Lake, starting just north of East Blue Starr Drive then extending north to the intersections of East Lowry Road and West Lake Road. Visitors to this trail not only have access to multiple trails above and around the lake for walking, cycling and inline skating but have the additional advantage of enjoying can also enjoy magnificent scenery. The more energetic can opt for water sports or even fishing on the lake itself.

trailIf you are looking for a larger trail that is a bit further out, then there is the Liberty Trail which runs for almost ten miles from close to the North-eastern State University and amalgamates with the Mingo Trail. While parking is available for those coming from further afield, this route provides the city’s only pedestrian access and links the university with residential areas in the west of the city. It also has the added advantage of encompassing one of the greenest spaces in the region, however while the path is predominantly paved with asphalt and exceptionally clean, there are some very hilly areas that some may find more strenuous to tackle. In Tulsa itself, you will find the another short trails, the 71st Street Bridge Trail is a short that extends from Turkey Mountain Park across the 71st Street Bridge to Riverside Drive on the East bank although it also links to the East Bank Trail and many footpaths within the park itself. Again, while this is a shorter trail – just 1.1 miles – if you are heading up hill across the bridge to the west bank, then be warned that this part of the trail is deceptively steep although in contrast it is followed by a swift downward hike.

One of the most popular trails among visitors to the area is the Jenks Aquarium Trail which runs just over two miles, starting near 96th Street and ending just west of Elm Street. This particular option not only offers some of the most beautiful views in the county with the Arkansas River forming much of the backdrop but also connects the Oklahoma Aquarium with the arboretum and the city’s shopping district. Parking for those who require access to the trail can be found on the west side of the river on close to River walk Terrace or there is also a parking lot on Aquarium Drive too.