Tourist attractions in Tulsa

July 2, 2013 no comments Things to do

Claremore Oklahoma is just a few miles away from Tulsa and there are a great many things to see and do in and around this. It is the second-largest city in the U.S. state of Oklahoma and 45th- largest city in the country which is deemed to be one of the most desirable cities to live in across the USA. The city itself is split in half by the Arkansas River which runs through the center and it is renowned for its magnificent architecture. This is in part due to a building boom at the beginning of the last century which saw a multitude of art deco style architectural structures spring up across the landscape, many of which are still there today particularly in older neighborhoods where the distinctive zigzag and streamline method was used in abundance as well as the downtown and midtown areas.

bok-towerThere are many large structures in this style that have become a popular subject for those who are passionate about preservation or visitors with architectural interests. These include the Boston Avenue Methodist Church, the Philtower and as the Mid-Continent Tower which are all prime examples of art deco architecture of this kind. The boom periods of the late seventies and eighties saw a more contemporary architectural style integrated into the city towards the end of the 20th century including the BOK Tower which is the 2nd tallest building in Oklahoma and deemed to be an iconic architectural structure. Today this serves as Tulsa’s main arena and plays host to concerts, events and exhibitions featuring significant themes synonymous with the city such as Native American culture, Art-deco and architecture. If you are travelling with a close friend or companion then you may like the idea of seeing all these beautiful buildings from a horse and carriage which is a mode of transport favored by many tourists and these are available for hire throughout the city.

Alternatively, if you are visiting the area with family then you may be seeking more child-friendly attractions and there are plenty of options of things to see and do in this respect too starting with the Oklahoma Aquarium. This has thousands of salt and fresh water fish as well as other animals including playful river otters, beavers and raccoons for your viewing pleasure. From amazing vertebraes to electric eels, sharks and seahorses to jelly fish and even piranha, there are many different species to observe and even touch such as sting rays and small sharks. Larger shark species like the Bull Shark can be seen swimming above and around you as you move through a unique, clear walk-through tunnel. Animal lovers may also enjoy a trip to Tulsa Zoo which can be found in Mohawk Park and has over two thousand animals from over four hundred species. This is a non-profit zoo and living museum that has a strong conversation policy and is involved in many related projects to aid conservational efforts. The Tulsa Zoo Conservation Program is one of the leading organizations of its kind in the state but has also supported over 200 projects globally and locally, including a campaign to reduce the use of palm oil.