Storm Recovery Efforts

On May 25, a tornado caused widespread damage in Claremore late Saturday night into Sunday. You can find the latest updates on our community’s storm recovery efforts, including a list of FAQs and other helpful resources at

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City of Claremore Announces Digital Budget Book to Increase Transparency

The City of Claremore has launched a new interactive online tool for the Fiscal Year 2021-2022 budget.  Available via the City of Claremore website, this new platform enables City leaders to efficiently share information about the budget and funding sources.

“We are committed to ensuring transparency and accountability at all levels of our city government,” said John Feary, Claremore City Manager. “The online budget ensures citizens can easily access information on how tax dollars are being spent through interactive infographics and a searchable database.”

The electronic budget book turns financial data into compelling infographics and charts, allowing stakeholders and residents to visualize and easily interpret important fiscal metrics. It provides a user-friendly way to search for budget-line items, fund summaries, funding sources, departmental budgets, capital improvement projects and debts.

“This new system provides citizens with direct access to some of the most commonly asked data requests, helps limit misinformation and builds public trust,” Feary added.

The Fiscal Year 2021-22 budget was developed with a focus on supporting long-range strategic goals for infrastructure improvements, quality-of-life amenities, tourism, job and housing growth.