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On May 25, a tornado caused widespread damage in Claremore late Saturday night into Sunday. You can find the latest updates on our community’s storm recovery efforts, including a list of FAQs and other helpful resources at

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Two one-penny town hall sessions remaining

I firmly believe that citizen engagement and involvement are crucial to the success of any community.

Over the past several weeks, I have had the opportunity to connect face-to-face with community members during a series of town hall sessions. While the primary objective for these meetings is to educate Claremore residents on the upcoming ballot propositions, they have provided a valuable opportunity to answer questions regarding the city’s day-to-day operations.

There are still two sessions remaining on March 23 and March 30. I urge those who have not attended a meeting to join us for an in-depth overview of the proposals, our revenue structure and how the funding would be implemented if approved.

You can find a complete list of upcoming meeting locations and dates at

The upcoming election will be held on April 4, 2023. Not only will Claremore residents vote on the one-penny measure and question pertaining to the Hospital Sale Trust, but they will also select a new Mayor and determine a Ward 2 Council seat.

Voting is not only a privilege but a civic duty. Please ensure you are informed before you arrive at the ballot box. Attend a town hall session, ask questions and take time to get to know the candidates who have stepped up to serve our community as well as the challenges and opportunities we face.

I often see conjecture and misinformation on social media platforms that is offered by individuals who have in no way attempted to ascertain accurate or relevant knowledge about the candidates or the issues. Those who misrepresent truth and act as an agent of knowledge without facts have zero consequences for their irresponsible actions. We as public servants do not have nor do we desire that same luxury.

It is our team’s pleasure to serve this community with transparency and integrity. Please visit with us about the April 4ballot and join us in ensuring a safe and fiscally sound Claremore.

There are ample opportunities through absentee and early voting to ensure your voice is represented. You can view a sample ballot, find your polling place and check your voter registration status on the Rogers County Election Board website.

Our community is incredible because of you, the amazing people who call it home. I look forward to connecting with each of you at a town hall session soon.

All my best,

John W. Feary

Claremore City Manager