Adopt a Pet


Are you considering adding a new four-legged member to your family? Discover if adoption is the right choice for you. Adoption is a commitment for the life of the animal.  We want to help you make sure the pet is the right fit for you, your family, and your lifestyle.

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  • Canine under 20 lbs. $90
  • Canine 20-40 Lbs. $100
  • Canine 40 – 80 lbs. $110
  • Canine over 80 lbs. $120
  • Feline under 6 month of age $75
  • Feline over 6 months of age $80
  • Already altered animal $40

The adoption fee includes: Spay or Neuter, Rabies vaccination, Booster vaccination, De-worming, Vet exam.

Microchipping is available at the Animal Shelter.

  • $10 with adoption of Claremore Shelter animal
  • $20 for a previously owned animal

Animal Impound and Surrender

Impounded animals are held for three business days to allow the owner to reclaim their pet. If the animal does not get reclaimed during that time frame, it becomes city property and is available for adoption, transfer to a rescue group, or humane euthanasia.

If an animal is surrendered by its owner, it is immediately available for adoption, transfer to rescue group, or humane euthanasia.

The shelter does not adopt out injured, sick, or any animal that may be dangerous or nuisance.

For additional questions, contact the Animal Control Office at 918-341-1260.