Court Appearance Information

Court Date

The City of Claremore Municipal Court is held every Thursday (excluding holidays) at 4:00 p.m. at Claremore City Hall. Please check your ticket for your exact court date. If you have any questions, please call the Court Clerk’s Office at 918-341-1325 ext. 141.

Your court date is set by the officer who gives you the citation. Only the judge can change your court date. A written request and proper documentation are required for the judge to consider your request.

Parking & Court Etiquette

It is important that you come to court prepared, park in the correct location and follow proper etiquette once you arrive.  If you are under 18 years of age, you must bring a parent or legal guardian to court with you.

Allow yourself extra time to ensure you do not miss your court session. City Court takes place each Thursday at 4 p.m. located in Claremore City Hall. Parking spaces are clearly marked as to where you can park for court. Numbered parking spots are for City of Claremore employees only. If you park in any space that is numbered, your vehicle may be towed. There is one row of public parking at City Hall. All other court parking is across Will Rogers Boulevard in the overflow lot.

Helpful Hints

The mission of the City of Claremore Municipal Court is to provide superior customer service to every individual. In return, the court expects all visitors to be respectful. Court should be treated as a place of business. Below are several helpful hints you should know before your scheduled court date:

  • All pagers and cell phones must be turned off before entering the courtroom
  • It is important that visitors understand the appropriate dress code – shirts and shoes are required and hats and sunglasses are to be removed before entering the Courtroom
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the Courtroom
  • No weapons are allowed in the Courtroom
  • Please be patient; the docket is called in alphabetical order by last name

Do Not Miss Your Court Date

Failure to appear on your court date will result in a warrant for your arrest. A bond may be required before you can be released from jail on a warrant. Missing your court date could also cause your driver’s license to be suspended.

Rogers County Court

If your citation was issued by a Rogers County Sheriff’s Deputy or a Highway Patrol Officer, you will need to attend court at the Rogers County Courthouse. Please call the Rogers County Court Clerk’s Office at 918-923-4961 to determine the correct date, location and time of your court appearance.