Storm Recovery Efforts

On May 25, a tornado caused widespread damage in Claremore late Saturday night into Sunday. You can find the latest updates on our community’s storm recovery efforts, including a list of FAQs and other helpful resources at

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Claremore Lake Dam and Infrastructure Projects Update

One of my primary goals as City Manager is to ensure transparency and clear communication with citizens. I also want to showcase the daily hard work that takes place by staff on behalf of our community. Our team regularly completes projects to improve infrastructure, increase quality of life and ensure the safety of our community without much fanfare or recognition.

As we approach a new year, I aim to share updates on existing and upcoming projects more proactively. For example, a few weeks ago, we provided an overview of the ongoing Claremore Lake Dam improvement project, which has been underway for the past six years.

We are beginning the final major dam repair project, recoating the concrete spillway. This project was awarded in September and will start in Spring 2023. It will include both finalizing repairs for the concrete surface and recoating of the entire spillway.

Upon its completion, we will have invested approximately $2 to $2.5 million in renovations to the Claremore Lake Dam. Due to the incredible work of our in-house team, led by City Engineer Garrett Ball and Jodi Henry, we have saved roughly $2 million by not contracting the repairs out in one large project.

As we look to the future, planning has started to replace and relocate the lake’s raw water intake. The current system is nearly 100 years old and becoming functionally obsolete, ultimately limiting the water treatment plant. We are also looking to address future raw water demands with potential upgrades to the Oologah conveyance.

Other projects currently underway include the Lowry Bridge Project, road improvements to Frederick Road, and a thorough assessment of our city’s water and sewer system. These are only a few ongoing projects for our Engineering and Public Infrastructure teams. Their work is essential to keeping our community safe and operational, and they often go without the thanks and recognition they deserve for their efforts.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for additional updates on improvements taking place across our city.

All my best,

John W. Feary