Storm Recovery Efforts

On May 25, a tornado caused widespread damage in Claremore late Saturday night into Sunday. You can find the latest updates on our community’s storm recovery efforts, including a list of FAQs and other helpful resources at


Inspections and Code

Churches, businesses and schools are required to have regular inspections by the Fire Marshal to ensure they are up to current fire code. The Claremore Fire Marshal’s Office uses NFPA 101, International Building and International Fire Code as the standards for inspections. To schedule a fire inspection, contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at 918-341-1477 ext 160. 

Tours and Visits

Claremore firefighters enjoy the opportunity to connect with the community and share information on fire safety. We also offer educational tours of our fire stations. To request an educational tour or visit, please call the Fire Administration Office at 918-341-1477 ext. 160.  All requests must be made at least two weeks ahead of time.

The Fire Department and its equipment are not available for grand openings, sales or promotions unless the promotion is fire-safety related.

Child Seat Safety

Claremore Fire Department will install and inspect your child’s car seat by appointment only. To make an appointment to have a car seat installed or inspected, please call 918-341-0200.


Home Safety

Change Smoke Alarm Batteries

The Claremore Fire Department encourages you to change smoke alarm batteries at least annually. An easy way to remember to change your batteries is when you turn you clock back in the fall. Replace old batteries with fresh, high-quality alkaline batteries. After inserting a fresh battery in your smoke alarm, check to make sure it is working by pushing the safety test button.

Count Smoke Alarms

Install at least 1 smoke detector on every level of your home, including 1 in every bedroom and 1 outside each sleeping area.

Vacuum Smoke Alarms

Each month, clean your smoke detectors of dust and cobwebs to ensure their sensitivity.

Keep a working flashlight near your bed, in the kitchen, basement, and family room, and use it to signal for help in the event of a fire. To make sure your emergency flashlights work when you need them, use high-quality alkaline batteries.

Install Fire Extinguishers

Install a fire extinguisher in, or near, your kitchen and know how to properly use it. Should you need to purchase 1, the Claremore Fire Department recommends a multi- or all-purpose fire extinguisher that is listed by an accredited testing laboratory.

Make a Plan
Prevent Home Fires
Safety Tips


Claremore Fire Department offers several American Red Cross and American Heart Association programs designed to give you the confidence to respond in an emergency situation.

Classes are offered through the Fire Department at a discounted rate and can be scheduled by calling the Fire Marshal’s Office at 918-341-1477. The minimum class size is eight with a 20-person maximum.

Classes currently available are:

  • First Aid
  • Infant and Child CPR
  • Adult CPR / AED
  • Standard First Aid with AED
  • AED Essentials Course
  • CPR / AED for the Professional Rescuer
  • Fire Extinguisher Demonstration